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1. Does your company have any of the following needs?
Please rank each need on a scale of 1 (not a need) to 5 (big need).
We need to build business intelligence applications
We need to build web-based reporting applications
We need to build executive dashboards
We need to give our users self-service reporting options
We need to build modern applications over an old enterprise system (ERP, MRP, etc.)
We need to build mobile/tablet apps
We need to bring our legacy applications to the web
We need to create an extranet/customer portal
2. When are you planning to address those needs?
3. Do any of the problems below keep you from addressing these needs?
Please rank each problem on a scale of 1 (not a problem) to 5 (big problem).
We don't have enough time
We don't have the skills to build web or mobile applications
We don't have the necessary tools to build web/mobile apps
4. If we could help you solve any of the problems or meet any of the needs listed above, would you like to know about it?